What if I am missing an item in my order ?

Sorry to hear that you haven't received part of your order! Sometimes items may be sent out in multiple packages if one might be ready before the other and affect shipping time. Please give customer service at least 48 hours to get back to you with order concerns. We will gladly send that missing item over.

What time and day should I expect to see my order ?

Please check your tracking number you are given and it will tell you a direct time and date you should receive your order. If you have not received a tracking number after the 7 day period contact our customer service.

Will I have to sign for my package? 

No, the only time you will have to sign for a package is if it is a bigger purchase and we want to ensure your items are protected.


May I return or exchange my items?

There are no refunds, returns, or exchanges due to COVID-19. Returns are only allowed if the product was damaged during shipping or a quality issue that was unnoticed.